What Is Your Motivation?

Only a very small percentage of people that want to write a book actually do.  Many start out strong, but never actually finish. So, what makes the difference? Most often, it’s motivation.

Why are you writing your book? What drove you to finish your book? What determined to accomplish by being a published author?

Here are some of the main motivators for writing, finishing and publishing a book;

Family Legacy – leaving a written legacy for your parents, spouse, children and/or grandchildren is a wonderful reason for writing a book. Whether you are writing to memorialize special moments, your life story, a recipe cookbook of your most favored meals, or just about something that you know would be a cherished by your family, friends and others who may read it, there is something so precious about leaving a beautifully written record to be read by generations.

Instant Credibility – If you have a business, niche, or ministry, publishing a book will give you instant recognition in your field to others that might take you years to gain otherwise. It is also a great way to bring in revenue at speaking events or engagements.

Passive Income StreamPublishing a book is also a great way to bring in additional income. Once you have put in the work to write your book and made the investment to get it published, the money that comes in from the sales of your book is all passive income. You’ve done the hard part, now just sit back and reap the benefits.

Helping Others – Another big motivator is simply the desire to help people. You have learned something, conquered something, figured out how to excel at something, and you want to pay it forward. This is a great reason for writing and publishing a book and one of the top reasons listed by new and established authors. After all, we are blessed to be a blessing.

Passion – You have a story to tell and you just can’t let it go. For many, there is a pull, deep inside, that says, “you have to write this book!” For many writers, responding to this call on their lives is necessary for their peace. It may be years later, but it just had to be done.

Of course, there are many other reasons to write and publish your book, but whatever the reason; we are here to help you every step of the way.

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