At A Glance

Personal Writing Coach

Having difficulties writing your masterpiece? Frustrated? Confused? Unorganized in your thoughts? Feeling hopeless? Let us take the pain out of your dream, and turn your dream into your reality! We will take you step by step until your book is complete and printed in your hand. Includes: creating writing schedules, setting goals & dates, accountability partner, stages of writing assistance, preliminary research help and substantive editing. 3 different levels available.

Ghost Writing

Do you have a great idea for a book but don’t have the time to write it; or perhaps you just don’t want to. No problem! Share your dream with us and we will write it for you. The benefits of a ghost writer is that your secret is kept safe with us! You will be the only name associated with the book as the author.


The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally.


A copyright protects your material against others stealing it.


Your barcode is fully equipped with your ISBN#. This allows stores to scan your book upon sale.     

Legal Review

Your manuscript will be checked in four legal areas that often ensnare writers; copyright infringement, defamation, right of privacy and right of publicity.

Content Editor

A Content Editor does not focus on grammar and punctuation; rather they turn their focus to whether or not your content is needs enhanced in order to grab the attention of your reader. They also look for any inconsistencies in your teachings or story line. Overall, they make sure your content flows nicely and creates vigorous content for you.

Copy Editor

A Copy Editor is who you hire to check for grammar, punctuations, misspelled words, wrongful use of commas and colons, and many other common mistakes made by authors who do not have an editing background.

Cover Design

Our team will design you a professional and sophisticated front cover, back cover, and spine.


Our team will lay out your book with appropriate font, font size, and marginal spacing in order to give it a sophisticated appearance.

Print Book

Once the written portion of your book is completed you can sit back and relax. We will make sure that your book makes it to print and is in your hands in a quick turn-around time with an affordable price. Printing price is kept to the minimum with no quantity expectations. You can order 1 book or 1,000+ with no set up fees or surcharges.


Sell your book on Kindle in a downloadable format. No more shipping or printing your book. Simply, let our design team layout the downloadable version of your book and get it for sale on Amazon for you.

Book Trailer

Designed just like a movie trailer, but for your book. Captures the essence of what your book is about.

Book Review Writing

Every book needs reviews…not just any reviews either. Best-sellers always possess reviews written by those who are considered high-profile people. We have the perfect team to write these reviews for your book.  

Sell on Amazon

Not sure how to sell product on Amazon? No worries! Let our team do the work for you while you keep your focus on your next steps to promote your book.

Advertisement Design

Do you need a flyer to advertise your book?

No problem! We will create it for you!

Website Design

Every book needs its very own platform to be sold on.