Fuzzy Vision

You Have What They Need!

Living life has a way of diminishing you. Let me correct that sentence; living life has a way of diminishing you in your own eyes. The battles, circumstances and experiences that you have survived have made feel like a battle-fatigued warrior. But, what you can fail to realize in the constant state of readiness, is that you made it. You emerged victorious! So, although it seems to you, that you have just been getting by and getting through; in reality, you are a BOSS, and you have what they need.


What is the definition of “expert?” According to Merriam-Webster’s, it is “a person who has a special skill or knowledge relating to a particular subject.” So, if there is a stirring in your heart to write about what you have learned from living life, yet you do not feel qualified to do so, you must ask yourself, by whose standard? Here is a nice little blog post on finding the value within.


It’s not what you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you are not. – Dennis Waitley

As a person generally, but especially as a writer, you must demolish every stronghold of low self-esteem. If your calling is to write and make the lives of others better through your pen, then you must garner the strength, courage and faith to walk in your purpose. Believing that you are a grasshopper when you really are a giant is conceding defeat before you’ve even entered the ring. Stop viewing yourself through the lens of the battlefield where things are always distorted and ugly but see yourself as others see you; battle-tested and victory approved.  You did that! You learned that! You achieved that! You overcame that! You are an expert in that!


The act of writing is often cathartic and freeing. However, the gift and burden of writing is not about you. It really is about the person who will be led to read what you have written. I know that sounds counter-intuitive to the teaching that you write for yourself and not for others, but I think I can square the two. As a writer, you should always write true to your own voice, not trying to be something that you are not. In other words, be yourself. It really is enough. But, this does not mean that your GIFT of writing is to edify self. What a strange, cold and lonely existence that would be. No, your gift is to bring joy, assistance, strength, encouragement, laughter, etc. to others. So, stop being selfish and just do it.


So, as I’m concluding this pep talk (just because I love you so muchJ), I want to remind you that beating back those thoughts of negativity, lack and unworthiness takes work. If you suffer from ergophobia, you may get overrun by those purpose-stealing maggots. But, I don’t think so. I believe that you are a GIANT, not a grasshopper!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post. This and many more writing tips, strategies and tools are always included in our writing workshops!

Blessings and happy writing!

Rain Is Coming!

“I hear an abundance of rain..” This is one of my favorite scriptures! Now, to my reader friends who have an aversion to scripture and/or all things Christian, just hold on, I’m going to make this relevant to you, as well!

I love this “hyperbole” because in the context of the writing, this “hearing” was perceived before there was any notion or hint of rain on the horizon. In fact, it was in a season of prolonged and severe drought. No one could have supposed or assumed that on that particular day there would be rain. Yet, someone heard a sound.


Hyperbole is defined as an extravagant statement or figure of speech that is so beyond the pale, it is not to be taken literally. The reason I have it bracketed with quotation marks in the previous paragraph is because this statement, although often referred to as hyperbole, is quite the opposite. This statement was birthed from a knowing that something anticipated and desired was about to burst forth on the scene.

Now, to your writing. What is stirring inside of you right now? Listen… Get quiet for a moment. What are you hearing? What ideas are bubbling? What characters are manifesting? What seminar, conference, book idea, presentation has been gurgling beneath the surface? Can you hear a sound?


If the answer to any of those questions are “yes,” then you must act on what you hear.  However, as in the rest of this scripture, so in life; you may be the only one that can hear it. You may be the only one that can see the vision. But, should that stop you? Will you let that discourage you? God forbid! The truth behind every mega successful idea or product in history is that it could not have succeeded if it had never been tried.


So, if you are hearing an abundance of rain in your spirit; go get an UMBRELLA! Make preparations. Begin to do, move, create! Do something. Don’t just sit there denying the prompting of your own heart with thoughts of doubt or impossibility. Sure, you can’t see any storm clouds right now, but what if they are actually formed by your decision to believe that the rain is coming?

WHAT??? Mind blown! Yea…

A dream deferred leads to a dream denied. And the sad fact about this is that no one has stolen your dream from you, you just convinced yourself that you didn’t hear a thing. Don’t let it be you!

Blessings and happy writing!

Rock Solid Sacrifice


Sacrifice is the surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim. I don’t love the word. To be honest, some days I would rank this word right up there with bludgeon, murder, contempt, and other such words of which I would never want to be associated. Yet, it is a prerequisite of accomplishing anything impactful, lasting, and worthwhile.

So why this loathing for something so necessary? You know the answer just as well as I do. Who wants to surrender anything desirable? Nobody. Who wants to give up any prized possession for destruction? Not me. In fact, the very act of letting go of something that at the most, is giving me great pleasure, status or comfort and, at the least, is providing a sense of familiarity and security is nauseating.

Why must we let go of the lesser to gain the greater? Why can’t we just have them both? Well, the answer to these questions is the same one that you may have received from your parents on one or more occasions; “because I said so!”  Now, understand the “I” here is not me. No, this “I” refers to the universal Law of Capacity.


We are going to perform a virtual experiment. Close your eyes and imagine your hands filled with silver coins. Now, as you are on your way to deposit them or to put them to good use, you stumble across a pile of gold coins. The only rule in this imaginary land of coins is that you can only take what you can hold in your hands. So, would you release the silver coins for the gold? Of course, you would. Why? Silver is valuable. Silver is a blessing. Silver is increase. Yet, Gold is greater in all three categories.  So, it is abundantly clear, in this example, that it is to our advantage to sacrifice the good for the better.


So, if we realize and understand that we have to let go of what may be good to get something better, what is at the root of the indecision or refusal to take the next step and sacrifice? There are three most common reasons.

Lack of Vision

Dream big! Stir up your imagination! Begin to think about the things that you would do if you had no budgetary or time constraints. What does that look like? Once you get a picture in your mind, begin to break it down into smaller steps and goals. Now, what seemed too large to even contemplate, is looking at lot more doable. This is how you begin to let go of the lesser things for the greater.

Lack of Knowledge

What if you had no idea that the value of gold was greater than that of silver? If there is no realization, perception or belief that there is something greater then there is no impetus for change. You must start to learn all that you can about whatever it is for which you are empting your hand. Knowledge will give your vision legs and walk right into the plan and purposes that will carry your vision to completion.


If you’re satisfied with what’s in your hand, if that’s really true, then let’s not call it complacency, let’s call it contentment. But, if you truly want more and you know that there is more within you, don’t just sit on your laurels. Breakout of your self-imposed limitations and go for the gold!


So, the first thing we must decide is are we willing to empty our hands of what we have to fill them with what we ultimately desire. As it relates to writing; are you willing to let someone else take over the newsletter so that you can really start to work on writing your blog? Are you willing to cut back on the blog and risk losing the accolades or following that you have garnered to put the time in to finish your book? There are a hundred similar questions for a hundred different situations. But, If the answer is yes, then we must embrace that nine-letter word that I opened with and realize that it really isn’t such a vile word after all.

Blessings and happy writing!

(Thankful to my Savior who sacrificed it all!)