Rain Is Coming!

“I hear an abundance of rain..” This is one of my favorite scriptures! Now, to my reader friends who have an aversion to scripture and/or all things Christian, just hold on, I’m going to make this relevant to you, as well!

I love this “hyperbole” because in the context of the writing, this “hearing” was perceived before there was any notion or hint of rain on the horizon. In fact, it was in a season of prolonged and severe drought. No one could have supposed or assumed that on that particular day there would be rain. Yet, someone heard a sound.


Hyperbole is defined as an extravagant statement or figure of speech that is so beyond the pale, it is not to be taken literally. The reason I have it bracketed with quotation marks in the previous paragraph is because this statement, although often referred to as hyperbole, is quite the opposite. This statement was birthed from a knowing that something anticipated and desired was about to burst forth on the scene.

Now, to your writing. What is stirring inside of you right now? Listen… Get quiet for a moment. What are you hearing? What ideas are bubbling? What characters are manifesting? What seminar, conference, book idea, presentation has been gurgling beneath the surface? Can you hear a sound?


If the answer to any of those questions are “yes,” then you must act on what you hear.  However, as in the rest of this scripture, so in life; you may be the only one that can hear it. You may be the only one that can see the vision. But, should that stop you? Will you let that discourage you? God forbid! The truth behind every mega successful idea or product in history is that it could not have succeeded if it had never been tried.


So, if you are hearing an abundance of rain in your spirit; go get an UMBRELLA! Make preparations. Begin to do, move, create! Do something. Don’t just sit there denying the prompting of your own heart with thoughts of doubt or impossibility. Sure, you can’t see any storm clouds right now, but what if they are actually formed by your decision to believe that the rain is coming?

WHAT??? Mind blown! Yea…

A dream deferred leads to a dream denied. And the sad fact about this is that no one has stolen your dream from you, you just convinced yourself that you didn’t hear a thing. Don’t let it be you!

Blessings and happy writing!